Starting up Your Own Business Is Now Easier

Starting up your own business doesn't have to be a burden on your peace of mind with professional assistance from our nonprofit organization in College Park, Maryland. Diamondale Foundation is the key to unlocking your entrepreneurial potential. It doesn't matter if you're already a business owner or if you're planning on starting up your own business, we can help you with your small or minority-owned business! We can help you market your business to attract new customers and secure relationships with other businesses. Contact us now for proven small business assistance that keeps your enterprise running strong.

Diamondale Foundation founded with the aim of providing a one stop centre that would benefit small and median sized enterprises (SME's) access markets and funds that would otherwise not be available to them. From its inception in 2009, it has aimed at championing the sharing of professional skills, market opportunities that focuses on improving the bottom line for SME's and also raising the living standard for the disadvantaged.

Teaming/partnering of SME's will enable these small and minority enterprises to participate in larger markets with sharpened tools to survive.

Regularly, in Washington D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan area, Diamondale Foundation is involved in disseminating information through town hall business discussion on many benefits SME's can yield by gaining access to attractive but untapped markets in the areas of tourism, mining, telecommunication, agriculture, transportation, education, & health. Check our upcoming event to be updated and more knowledgeable in practicing your business.

Mission Statement

Promoting the transformation of business ideas into profitable ventures that connects and partners small and medium sized enterprises and focusing in making the vast markets accessible to the minority small and medium sized enterprises.

Expert assistance from our College Park, Maryland, organization can help your small or minority business succeed in the marketplace. Diamondale Foundation not only helps you with starting up your own business, but we also help you keep it profitable and stable with our small business assistance and minority business help. Contact us today for more details about how we can turn your fledgling business into a moneymaking machine.