Project Description

A community-based Women and Youth center called ‘Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids will be established in KUNGU Village and the surrounding areas. Diamondale Foundation will focus on providing Fertilizer Loans and Agriculture inputs to the members of the community, especially those from the extremely low income areas. It is expected that through the providing of information to the community that it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the well being of the youths and women of the community. For better agriculture yields, Diamondale will help cultivate the land for the community by providing tractors. Hire drivers to help cultivate the land. The whole project will be divided into small pirate projects. The main purpose of the project is to help the community by creating jobs and reduce poverty in the area. We are looking for funds from donors so that we can have Tractors tilling the land, have farm inputs that will be made available to the community. Prepare! The land for them and work closely with the community. Distribution of fertilizer will be done per requirement of the household. The main cash crops grown in this area include: Maize, Cassava and also finger millet. These are the types of crop we want to encourage the members of the community to grow in that area. This is the village of about 500 people. The area has very good fertile land for growing corn and the rest of the crops. Our Project will impact the reduction of poverty in this rural area.

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