Adopt-A-School Partnership Program, email:

The Adopt-A-School Partnership Program is a working partnership between the Diamondale Foundation Inc. and St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church. It is designed to reward both partners through the exchange of resources, expertise and training. The focus of the Adopt-A-School program is to prepare today’s students for the world of work and to become tomorrow’s community leaders.

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Misamfu Basic School is a beautiful, newer facility located in Kungu Village, that is between Kasama and Mbala District. Our school is currently home to approximately 500 students. Our families live and work in various areas and represent a wide variety of cultures. We are extremely proud of the teaching and support staff at Misamfu Basic and are committed to providing them with as many tools as possible to prepare our children for the future.

The financial picture that currently faces our teachers is complex and challenging. Although various programs can be supported with large scale fund raising efforts, we find that individual classrooms and school wide programs have needs far beyond our resources. We are constantly encouraging our teachers to provide the very best opportunities and education for our children, and now we need to give them the ability to do just that.

In the past years, we have experienced great success with our “Adopt-A-Class” program. Many of our classrooms were sponsored by local businesses, families and friends. We are planning to continue this program for the 2011-2012 school year. To adopt the classroom of your child(ren), you provide the teacher with a minimum of $100.00 as a tax deductible donation. To adopt a school wide program (P.E., Computers, Resource, Music or Library), the minimum donation is$150.00. Teachers then utilized the donated funds to provide extended learning opportunities for our students. This could be in the form of a class assembly, supplemental materials or an educational field trip.

After your application has been processed and a classroom or program has been designated, an individual agreement is prepared. This agreement provides you with information about how your donation will be utilized within the classroom or program for the school year. You will also receive a tax deductible letter for your personal filing.

Various forms of acknowledgement will be utilized during the year to commend the companies that bring their support “where it counts!” Please contact the school office to find out more information about this innovative program. An application is available should you choose to participate. Once again, we thank you for your support of our students.

The mission of our Adopt-a-School relationship with Misamfu Basic School is to help meet the physical, relational and spiritual needs of the disadvantaged through service and generosity, and to encourage the staff who work with these children.

By leveraging the talents and resources of many volunteers we have the opportunity to positively affect the lives of students, their families and the staff of Misamfu Basic School. We can help to fill the gap created by budget cuts and a poor economy with our abundance, and share the hope that is in us.

The Adopt-a-School program offers a variety of opportunities to serve the community with varying levels of time commitment and resources.

Misamfu Basic School has vast needs, and no organization could adequately fill all of these needs in their first year of partnership. In order to be sensitive to the leadership of the school, we have spent time with them, getting to know their needs and listening to them. From those discussions we have come up with a list of service areas that we hope will expand as we serve them faithfully and build their trust.



Donate towards Kungu community through Diamondale Foundation Inc, so we can provide supplies for the staff, along with providing other assistance as needed. You can give online by selecting “,” or write a check to ” Diamondale Foundation Inc”.